New Website / 6 New Releases

A while back the old website went dark and we've relied on our Bandcamp page for sales in the interim. With renewed enthusiasm we reboot the website and announce 6 new releases you can expect in the coming months.  Flying Hair's second record "Night Fight" will be released on wax in December, with our partners Mock Records releasing the cassette version.  The Old Gold debut EP/LP "From The Bathouse" will be out in December as well.  Mid October we'll release CAT-007, or the Fungal Lord cassette.  This features the rhythm section of Flying Hair jamming along with prodigy guitarist Brady Weinstein, all high on a curious strain of Thai cubensis. Limited to 50 copies.  Flying Hair guitarist Kurt Magnum and enigmatic friend Anthony Piromalli, collectively Poison Sea, will release their dark ambient drone masterwork on cassette, limited to 100 copies.  This will be available Oct. 20th.  One woman band and multi-instrumentalist Maxx Katz will release her best recordings yet of her Flute-Centric Doom project Floom, based upon loops of flute, vocals and a blizzard of distorted guitars.  She'll be touring across the US to relocate to Portland, Oregon, starting around November 7th and will have tapes to sell along the way.  Lastly we are proud to announce the latest release of guitar magician and prolific lifer / songwriter Colin Langenus, issued on cassette in mid November.  The album is called Cut and Dry and features members of Boston's Devil Music Ensemble backing Colin up.