Flying Hair

Flying Hair are Bobby Martin, Matthew Clark, Brian Fox and Kurt Mangum. Bobby was a founding member of Zig Zags where he both sang and played drums. Switching to bass/vocals in Flying Hair he is joined by Matthew, a previous collaborator with doom legend Wino Weinrich, on drums.  Flying Hair creates heavily riffed and severely demented jams.  They have a surprisingly catchy pop sensibility emerging from a wave of weirdness and groove. 


floomcliff angle.jpg



MAXX KATZ IS A ONE WOMAN SONIC DEMOLITION CREW.  HER MAGNUM OPUS AND FIRST CASSETTE RElease under this moniker is equal parts heavy, strange, and life changing.


Old Gold

OLD GOLD is a spooky rock n roll band from Idyllwild California and Los Angeles. Formed in a garage in 2015 by singer/guitarist and mountain dweller Gavin Thomas Toler with drummer Matthew Clark, keyboardist Bobby Rodriguez and bassist Evan Conway. OLD GOLD delivers pop gems through gritty filters that bring to mind early rock and roll, glam, goth and punk rock.



Fungal Lord


Denver Based Cosmic guitar Improv Shredder Brady Weinstein backed by Flying Hair's Rhythm section


Residual Echoes


Residual Echoes has been the moniker for LA NATive Adam Payne's expansive and everchanging musical expressions.  Playing with dozens of talented musicians over the Past 10+ years and releasing a vast catalogue of albums and memorabilia.